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Congratulations!! You have found an experienced and honest home inspector who will complete a thorough inspection of your future home and provide you the knowledge and confidence to pursue your real estate purchase.

I take great pride in my work and professionalism as over the course of my career I have completed over 2,000 home inspections and have yet to write a clear report. My reports typically include 120+ digital photos and diagrams taken throughout the inspection that help bring clarity to the detailed written report I provide, usually the same day as inspection. I welcome clients to join me throughout the inspection and will answer any questions along the way.

My goal is to deliver a comprehensive home inspection report that will allow my client to make an educated decision when proceeding with their purchase. I know you will be satisfied with my service and will feel at ease with the home purchase you will soon be making.  

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Jeffrey A. Garay
Licensed # 56405
& Insured Home Inspector