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Listing your property on the market as a turn key and move in ready,
is well known by Agents and Sellers!
FACT: Buyers love to see a home that needs little work and has everything they want!
And even when they find that home, they can still hesitate to make an offer! Right?

So why not ease that doubt by having a PRE-INSPECTION REPORT
printed out and waiting for them on the Kitchen Counter??

Give the buyer the confidence of knowing that you have already
done an
Pre-Inspectionand have made the Necessary Repairs.

We all wash our cars when a buyer wants to come test drive it, don't we?
Why should your home or listing be any different?

STEP 1: Call us for a
Full Home Inspection on your Home or Listing at our everyday low rate,
STEP 2: After the inspection you do any repairs desired at your own pace.
STEP 3: Call us back out when you're all done. For a reinspection of the repaired items. $100 fee to return.
STEP 4: Get your updated Clean
Home Inspection Report that you can present to a
Potential Buyer or leave on the Kitchen Counter for them to see while viewing the home.


​- Get a jump on the repairs that might otherwise delay a Closing.
- Eliminate doubt and additional problems for You & Your Buyers
- Promote Confidence that there will be NO surprises
- Take care of issues at your own pace.
- Rushing at the end of an escrow can cost $$$

How a

Pre- Inspection works